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Meet Leon

Knowledge, awareness, and intuition unlock the doors of success.

Dr. Leon Eisen

Inventor | Entrepreneur | CEO and Chairman | WBAF Senator (G20) | Venture Partner | Forbes Business Council | Keynote Speaker | Business Strategist | Peak Performance Mentor  

From Quantum Scientist to Entrepreneurial Maverick: Navigating Uncertainty for Exponential Growth

In a world of rigid norms, Dr. Leon Eisen stands as a beacon of unyielding innovation. With a scientific background etched in quantum optics, Leon's journey from quantum physicist to entrepreneurial disruptor is an inspiring tale that ignites trust and resonates deeply with young entrepreneurs and businessmen seeking exponential growth.


Growing up in a family of professors, science was in his DNA.  Leon's trajectory seemed preordained. His insatiable curiosity led him to dive into the mysteries of quantum physics, earning a Ph.D. and conducting cutting-edge research in quantum computers and laser technology. Science was his calling, his life's purpose until an unexpected opportunity knocked.


When a call from the industry beckoned, Leon faced a crossroads that demanded he shatter his comfort zone. Embracing the uncertainties of uncharted waters, he traded his scientist's coat for an engineer's and then technology executive's hats. The transition wasn't easy; he had to unlearn old habits and embrace a new way of thinking, a transformation that demanded he shift his goals from research to tangible applications. Armed with tenacity and a willingness to learn, Leon mastered the art of engineering and embarked on a journey that would change the healthcare industry.


But Leon's journey didn't end there. A steadfast belief in the potential of startups and an unyielding drive pushed him to establish his own company. Amidst the thrill of startups, Leon achieved what was thought to be impossible. In the midst of the 2008-2010 economic crisis, with a newborn child in his arms, he faced bankruptcy and disbelief to raise the first million dollars for his startup. Against all odds, he secured funding and transformed his vision into reality, overcoming challenges that left skeptics astounded.


With this relentless spirit, Leon created the world's first FDA-cleared wrist oximeter—a groundbreaking achievement that showcased his fusion of scientific precision and real-world impact. This device, born from the confluence of his quantum insights and entrepreneurial spirit, set the stage for others to follow suit.


Recognizing the power of his experiences, Leon combined his unique blend of quantum physics, engineering, and entrepreneurial insight, which he further honed at the Harvard Business School, to create Quantum Business Thinking. This revolutionary growth strategy was born from his belief that the principles governing quantum physics can be harnessed to unlock the infinite potential of startup success. With calculated risk-taking and an uncanny ability to navigate uncertainties, he empowers young entrepreneurs and businessmen to challenge conventions beyond limits and attract investors hungry for visionary ideas. His methodology defies traditional boundaries enabling businesses to foster exponential growth.


Today, Leon's impact resonates globally as an esteemed mentor, advisor, and Thought Leader on Forbes Business Council. From his roles as Executive Chairman and startup mentor to a Senator in World Business, his influence permeates the global landscape. With his work on the Global African Leadership Council board and as a venture partner, Leon demonstrates his commitment to driving innovation worldwide.


His journey is a roadmap for young entrepreneurs and businessmen who dare to dream big, embrace risk, and navigate through uncertainties. With Quantum Business Thinking as his compass, he leads toward uncharted frontiers, turning the abstract principles of quantum physics into the tangible realities of business success. Dr. Leon Eisen exemplifies how the fusion of science and entrepreneurship has the power to revolutionize industries, change lives, and drive unprecedented growth.


Dr. Leon Eisen's story is an invitation to action if you're a young entrepreneur or businessman seeking to break free from convention and achieve exponential growth. Let his journey inspire you to forge your path toward unprecedented success. Elevate your business game with Quantum Business Thinking, where the principles of quantum physics fuel your growth journey. Join hands with Dr. Leon Eisen and turn your vision into reality today.

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