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Grow your business with a billionaire's strategic mindset, a tech giant's execution scale, and a Phoenix's resilience

Venture Partner

Venture Partner

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Investor & Adviser

Eisen Capital

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Official Member

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World Business Angel Investment Forum (G20)

Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Conferences, conventions, and corporate events

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Brand Ambassador

Hoinser Media Group

Inventor & Founder

Inventor & Founder

Oxitone Medical

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Quantum Business Thinking book


Yet, we often get stuck in repetitive patterns, struggling to break free.

 The quest for a breakthrough in how we approach business growth in a crowded and uncertain market has never been more urgent.

QBT - Quantum Business Thinking is here to help. As quantum computers will outperform today's most advanced machines 150 million times, QBT enables businesses to SUPERCHARGE their value creation and delivery.

QBT transforms the business with the strategic insights of a billionaire, execution at scale like a tech giant, and adaptation with the resilience of a phoenix, all while mastering resources and financials for lasting success.


Meet Dr. Leon Eisen

Leon's journey from a scientist to a renowned Inventor, Entrepreneur, Executive and WBAF Senator (G20) is a testament to his innovative spirit and business acumen. He has not only transformed home care with the world’s first FDA-cleared wearable medical monitor but has also become a pivotal venture growth expert, guiding companies towards success.


Today, Leon's most groundbreaking work, QBT - QUANTUM BUSINESS THINKING, is revolutionizing the business world. This novel approach is reshaping how organizations attract financial and human resources and achieve operational excellence, firmly establishing Leon as a visionary leader and strategist in the dynamic landscape of modern entrepreneurship.

Dr. Leon Eisen, Investments and Advisory
Sarid Smadar Testimonials

"When it came to one of the most important projects of my 20 years as a seasoned entrepreneur, Dr. Leon Eisen played a pivotal role, providing strategic guidance and support that went beyond expectations. His frameworks will blow your mind!" 

Sarid Smadar
Co-Founder & CEO of DragOnFlow

Yakir Testimonials

"Dr. Leon Eisen's training has been absolutely instrumental in my success, enabling me to achieve an outstanding revenue increase of over 40% within a single year. Thanks to his expertise and guidance, my business has experienced sustainable growth, securing a prosperous future. His impact was truly remarkable!"

Yakir Solcman  
CEO at GDT Dental Implants

Kepler Team

"With Leon's groundbreaking methodology to drive business outcomes, we successfully transformed our operations, eliminated inefficiencies, reconnected with our purpose, and prioritized what truly matters, resulting in significant progress towards our business goals.”

Olga Muller

CEO at Kepler Team



Anyone who aspires to achieve significant and sustainable growth in their business venture can do it by mastering Leon's eight principles of “QBT - Quantum Business Thinking."

QBT Principles for growth: 

COMPLEMENTARITY: applying the power of diverse perspectives. 

SUPERPOSITION: optimizing through multiple possibilities and outcomes. 

INFLUENCE OF ACTION: predicting the impact of decision.  


UNCERTAINTY EDGE: making decisions on the likelihood of outcomes

INTERDEPENDENCY: exploring the interconnected nature of business.


PUSHING BOUNDARIES: daring to think beyond traditional limits. 

PERCEPTION INFLUENCE: using perception to shape needed reality. 

ADAPTIVE RESONANCE: aligning business with market dynamics. 


When you follow these proven practices, you will raise funds, increase revenue and organizational performance, reduce business risks, and dominate your industry.

Keynotes and workshops
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Investments and Advisory

Raise Investments, Revenue and Influence

If you are an early-stage startup or growth-stage company, Leon can help equip you to:

Financial Success: making financial decisions, optimizing resources, and aligning with EXIT opportunities. 

Increased Income: developing and optimizing business models to new opportunities for revenue growth.

Capital raise: identifying the milestones and OKRs, mastering pitches, and reaching targeted investors.

Enhanced Resilience: applying a proactive mindset to anticipate risks and overcome obstacles. 

Personal Growth and Leadership: creating an amazing team, aligning goals with personal and company values.

Strategic Thinking

Phase One

Business Processes

Phase Three

Resource Planning

Phase Two

Scaling up

Phase Four


The Team

A Message from Leon

You've arrived here because a burning desire within you is urging you to become an influential force. You innately understand that you're destined for greatness and possess untapped capabilities to offer the world. Let us be your guiding partner on this transformative journey.

A singular life mission drives us: to ensure your remarkable future by helping to unlock your full potential, unleash your best work, and design the business of your dreams.

Join forces with us and gain access to our expertise, insights, and resources. We'll provide tailored guidance and support to fuel your entrepreneurial journey. Whether it's access to funding, strategic advice, or leveraging our extensive connections, we're here to help you thrive.


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